What great bikes!
And have you seen our children’s tandems already?
They make cycling really fun
We also have some lovely kids’ bikes for doing endless laps at the campsite

Our rental bikes have been made especially for us by a small bicycle factory in Hoogeveen called Azor.

The bikes have three gears, a frame height of 55 cm (21.7”) and 28-inch wheels.

We also have some smaller bicycles for hire, with a frame height of 49 cm.
They cost € 9 a day.

The two children’s tandems are an experience in themselves. Rugged, sporty and reliable.
They allow you to cover longer distances with your child.
An adult at the back and a child (4 - 9 years) at the front.
Price: € 17 a day.


Children’s bikes come in various sizes:
wheel sizes of 12.5 - 16 - 20 and 24 inches.

Prices: € 4 (12.5 and 16), € 5 (20) and € 6 (24) a day.


Also for hire: Bobike child seats (front and back).
Price: € 1.60 a day.


You can reserve bikes at reception.