De Roos nature campsite has been a traditional family business since 1909

It started out with a small farm and a grocery shop.
The Scouts soon discovered this beautiful spot and held their first camps here as long ago as 1918.
That was the start of the campsite.


Over the years, it has become a nature campsite covering 27 hectares (see also: ‘history’)
managed according to ecological and ideological principles which we interpret at our discretion.

For example:


- The campsite is extensively managed, so that the experience of nature always comes first.


- There is a small café which does not sell alcoholic drinks
   but does serve organic fair trade coffee and tea.


- The shop is a health food shop selling organic products.
   No meat or fish are sold here.


- In July and August, the campsite is car-free.


- Aside from this, we charge reasonable rates and do not seek to maximise profits, but instead aim to safeguard
  the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that sets Camping De Roos apart.


‘Enough is enough’ is our motto.


That's why you can expect good basic services but no luxury here.
Moreover, we do not go along with every trend; as far as possible, we keep camping the way it was originally intended to be.


There is no profusion of activities; in July and August we organise a limited recreation programme,
including nature education and children's theatre.


The Camping De Roos team will do its best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
In the months of July and August, we employ around 20 people here on flexible shifts,
each with his/her own qualities and specialties.

As a guest, we ask you to be mindful of each other and the special nature around you.
Allow yourself and your fellow guests to experience the peace and harmonious atmosphere.