Culture enriches your life; that's why it's always worth learning about the history and regional culture of the area you're staying in while on holiday. There are numerous museums worth visiting near the campsite. Must-sees!

Museum de Fundatie
is one of the leading museums in Overijssel thanks to its extensive collection of fine art that was amassed by former Boymans director Dirk Hannema, to which other collections such as the province of Overijssel's art collection were added at a later date. The works of art are on display in two locations: Het Nijenhuis Castle in Heino and Paleis aan de Blijmarkt in Zwolle. It includes major names from four centuries of art, e.g. Ter Borch, Strozzi, Canova, Degas, Mondriaan, Turner, Picabia,Israels, Chagall and many others.


Het Nijenhuis Castle
Situated in a green, spacious and historical place, this castle is one of the best preserved manors in Overijssel, providing the ideal backdrop to contemporary art. Here you can view the impressive Dirk Hannema art collection. He was a passionate and versatile collector with a great sense of beauty and quality. His collection has an international allure thanks to the many paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, furniture and applied arts from different centuries and cultures.


Paleis aan de Blijmarkt
Paleis aan de Blijmarkt is the Zwolle site of Museum de Fundatie. The neo-classical building (1841) has recently been extended with a futuristic-looking dome on the roof. Visitors to the museum can enjoy the permanent collection (including the Citroen collection) and changing exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.


Stedelijk Museum Zwolle
A combination of the old Drostenhuis building, home to 18th- and 19th-century paintings and a wonderful Old Dutch kitchen, and a new building, where temporary exhibitions of contemporary art are held.


Van Gogh Huis, Veenoord - Nieuw Amsterdam
Visit the only house in theNetherlands open to the public where Vincent Van Gogh lived and worked. Come and get a feel for the experience Vincent had here in 1883: the tour is fascinating!


Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Take a stroll through art history, as represented by 8,000 objects from different periods in 36 galleries showcasing old and modern art. The museum café (by Ben van Berkel) and the garden are also worth a visit.


This museum is a one-of-a-kind in theNetherlands and tells the story of the many facets of salt, going into the role that salt plays in food, health, nature and the environment.


De Oude Aarde
In the heart of picturesque Giethoorn, a unique little bridge takes you into Giethoorn’s oldest museum. Since 1969, this museum has been the inspiring home for the most beautiful collection of minerals, gemstones and fossils in theNetherlands. The special light in the UV department allows you to admire the long hidden magnificent colours of the minerals. Cracking open the balls of crystal is a unique experience. Gas bubbles that were hidden under molten lava 80 million years ago are now cracked open.
The result reveals the most colourful and fascinating crystals.


Miramar Zeemuseum, Vledder
Jeanne Warners (‘the blue lady’) collected thousands of different types of shells, coral, fish and other sea animals from the coasts of all the seas in the world and took them with her in large trunks to her museum in Vledder.Miramar has now grown into a modern museum, while still retaining the intimate atmosphere of the original museum.


Hunebedden Info Centrum, Borger
The Hunebedden Info Centrum is next to the Netherlands' biggest megalith. A replica of the megalith can be found in the museum, but then in its prehistoric setting. The 5,000-year-old Funnelbeaker culture is brought to life in a fascinating manner.


Beelden in Gees
A gallery and sculpture garden where nature and art meet in all manner of forms. The garden is an English landscape garden with seven ponds and seven theme gardens. It has been laid out in such a way that different plants bloom throughout the year, including the spectacular Brazilian Gunnera Manicata. There are exhibitions in the gardens and gallery by approximately 30 artists.


Anningahof sculpture garden
Dutch daily newspaper NRC called this sculpture garden ‘De meest professionele beeldentuin in Nederland’ [The most professional sculpture garden in the Netherlands] and ‘Het best bewaarde zomerse kunstgeheim van Nederland’ [The best kept summertime secret in the Netherlands].
The estate has changing sculpture collections in a wide range of styles, materials and sizes. A visit to Anningahof will teach you more about the development of contemporary Dutch sculpture. In addition to work by established artists, there is space for young talent and experimentation.


Deventer Historical Museum
The historic Waag from 1528 stands at the heart of the town, right in the middle of the Brink; this weighing house is home to the Historical Museum which has a beautiful art collection of objects from the rich history of this Hanseatic town.


The cross-border project Kunstwegen (literally: Art routes) is very special.

This project is a 132-km sculpture road from Nordhorn to Zwolle and an art (railway) line from Emmen to Zwolle. Sixty sculpture projects open to the public can be found along these routes. These outdoor projects by contemporary artists fit perfectly in the historical and regional context of the area.