There’s also a lot here for cycling enthusiasts, with numerous cycle paths and country lanes revealing the full beauty of the Vecht valley

A cycling tour through the surprisingly diverse Vecht Valley is always a new experience. The very different landscapes merge into one another and provide ever-changing experiences.

Take the camping landscapes of the beautiful 'esdorpen'

(sandbank villages) of Beerze, Junne and Rheeze, the vast forests and heath, the moraines of Lemelerberg and Archemerberg, the atmospheric castles and manors, along with the recurring views of the river Vecht and its many dreamy tributaries – you’ll never get bored…


The convenient cycling network allows you to take full advantage of this. At every junction you can choose your own route, as long or as short as you wish.

Or take one of our cycling tours from the campsite that will take you along all the beautiful places to see in the area.

Cycle route 1: 27.5 / 30.5 km

Cycle route 2: 33.5 km

Cycle route 3: 35.5 km

Cycle route 4: 41.5 km


We also have an enjoyable children’s bicycle route (19 km) through the woods towards Ommen. On the way you will pass organic dairy farm ´De Meulenhorst´, which also makes lovely ice creams, Castle Eerde and playground ´De Nieuwe Brug´. 
Children's cycling route (19 km)


The highly regarded Four-day Cycling Tour is part of the programme in the Vecht valley every year at the beginning of September.