Want to check your emails online? You can

Internet access is available at our internet unit in the launderette.
There are two computers available.
You can buy the login codes at reception.
Price: € 1 for 15 minutes.
There also is a WiFi Hotspot in the tearoom.
From 9 am til noon it is possible to use this free internet access point
(except when activities are organized in the tearoom). 
WiFi is not available on the campsite because we want to keep radiation to a minimum.
Anyway, it’s also nice to be offline for a bit during your holiday..... 


Good to know:
Beerze is not yet connected with the fiberglass network.
The internet connection is still via ADSL.
Besides the campsite is situated far away from the KPN distribution station.
Unfortunately this means that the internet speed is low (5 Mb/s) and the signal is weak at times.

There are serious plans to include Beerze in the fiberglass network in the autumn of 2017.
So we expect to provide you better and faster internet next year.