House rules for chalet occupants

 1.  The chalets can be occupied from 4 pm onward and must be vacated before 10 am on the day of departure.


 2.  In the periods 29 May - 11 June and 5 July - 26 August you are obliged to park your car or motorcycle in the car park.
     Outside those periods, you may park a maximum of one car at the bungalow.


 3.  Please make sure that beds slept in by small children are protected with a plastic sheet (available at the reception)

 4.  The duvets are exclusively intended for use on the beds.


 5.  Furniture may not be used outside


 6.  The chalets are non-smoking: it is not allowed to smoke inside.


 7.  You must use plastic liners in the waste bin. You can deposit full rubbish bags in the container near the car park.


 8.  If something breaks or is no longer in good condition, you must report this to the reception, or see to its replacement.


 9.  It is not allowed to attach washing lines to trees or bushes. This also applies to hammocks.


10. PIease leave the bungalow tidy at the end of your stay.
      We will take care of the cleaning but would you please not leave any washing-up, empty the rubbish 

     and retum any hired bed linen to the reception before you leave.


11. Please unplug the refrigerator when you leave. You can leave on the pilot light of the heater.


12. Payment for the use of gas and for any items missing from the inventory should be made on departure.